Strategic Alliances

Great teams produce great results

Very few companies can be all things to all people for every situation.  Partnerships and alliances are paramount for success in the world of government and federal contracting - this is also true in most commercial settings.  Each company offers unique skills and capabilities that may provide value to the customer. 
We strive to stay away from the “we-are-your-total-solution-provider”companies since this is rarely the case when reviewed closely.  In almost every opportunity, teams of industry are far more powerful than individual offerings.  Strategic alliances help to reduce risk, distribute workload and provide a setting where companies can gain “past performance” experience.  We work diligently to set up partnerships within our client base, and encourage our clients to bid on a variety of opportunities as a team.
There are cases when all of the products or services that are required by a customer may be provided by one of our clients – on their own; however, usually a team approach provides the end customer with a much more comfortable feeling when looking for the right solution.
Our clients are responsible for the legal standing of any strategic alliance and any teaming agreements that are put in place. 

Our team at Grace and Associates advises our clients on the makeup of strategic alliances, the value of each team member and the opportunities that are being pursued.All of this is done to maximize the win potential for each client..