Sales Support

A road-map for success

Capital is the fuel of industry, which is generally generated through sales of products, services or a combination of both. Grace and Associates and our staff work closely with our clients to help them navigate through the confusing wickets of government sales.
We, as a company, do not hold any government contracts, seek positions on bids or receive any monetary benefit from any government agency. However, we do work with industry to help facilitate the positioning of their products and services where possible i.e. when they represent the right technology or service at the right time to the right government agency. 

Knowing who to sell your product to within the vast expanse of government is critical.  Knowing the issues that the government is facing, and how your product or service can solve problems or meet specific needs is the key to success.
We are a full-service consulting firm; we are not an introduction company that only has the ability to introduce a client to a key player.

Prior to setting up any meetings, we will want to know everything about your company: your technology, value proposition, competition, advantages and weaknesses.  We aim to represent our clients as well as, or better than, they can represent themselves. 

Most of our partners are former CIO’s of major government organizations or Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in their particular field.  Each partner brings a vast array of experience and understanding that we are able to combine with the capabilities of our clients to provide total sales support.