Corporate Branding / Marketing

A good name and positive image goes a long way in business

When you cut yourself, you usually ask for a Band-Aid. If you cry, you might ask for a Kleenex. If you make a copy, you make a Xerox. If you ask for a soft drink, you often ask for a Coke.
These are classic examples of branding. A company has been exceptionally successful at branding when it is associated with the product or service that includes its name, but they are not necessarily the only game in town.
Branding can be positive or negative.  Many times a company has had a bad experience in the marketplace and its “brand” is tarnished.  In the southern states for example, BP, following their major oil spill in the gulf, has worked diligently and spent billions of dollars to try and repair its image. 

A company that failed at a major government program may have to work to renew the faith in its products and services.  In contrast, a company that has no name recognition in the marketplace must work to establish some form of branding.  This could be in the form of being a fantastic Information assurance company, an innovative software development company, a dependable and trustworthy integrator - all of these are types of branding. 

Grace and Associates specializes in positioning your company to maximize and amplify your branding in the federal and commercial marketplace. 


Should you spend thousands of dollars as a sponsor for an event?  Should you use radio ads to get our name out to the marketplace? What do you feel about print advertising?  How about corporate giveaways at trade shows? Should you get a booth?

These are questions that flow through the minds and wallets of most companies that are working to sell their products and services, establish name recognition and position themselves in the marketplace.  Different situations, varied markets and the uniqueness of each company make the answers to these questions a moving target.  Grace and Associates has been extremely successful in advising our clients on how to best allocate their scarce resources for success. 

It may not be worth $10,000 to have your name on the projector during a dinner or your logo on the paper napkins handed out at a cocktail hour; however, it may be worth a month of one of your senior executives’ time to be on the Advisory Panel that set up that same dinner, event or conference.  By doing so he or she may have access to the speakers and decision makers to further build a strong reputation among peers as a team player and go-to company.  Each opportunity varies.  We work diligently with our clients to ensure that they make every dollar count and each effort truly apply to positive marketing for their firm. 

We challenge our clients to find outlets for innovation and opportunities for exposure in their marketing efforts.  Marketing takes on many different forms, and we at Grace and Associates are here to you get the “biggest bang for your buck.”