Business Plans

Your road map to success

One of the most important elements of success of any business entity is a good business plan. This is a living document that defines all aspects of a company provides a road-map for Management and Investors.
The Business Plan is one of the key components that must be developed prior to seeking out Capital and debt financing. It is comprised of many parts - each having a major input to the overall success of the document. 

Grace and Associates, Inc. is well known for its business plans and effective development techniques. We have a complete team of experts who can put together financial projections, market analysis, sales forecasts, SWOT Analysis and every other part of the Plan. Our team is ready to make your vision become a viable document that can represent your company and your road-map to success.

Key Services

  • Meeting with Client to determine needs for Business Plan
  • Review of existing documents
  • Development of all aspects of the Business Plan
  • Development of financial projections
  • Development of Market Analysis
  • Development of Sales Forecasts
  • Development of SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis
  • Printing and Assembly of formal plan
  • Distribution of Business Plan to potential Investors
  • Revising Plan as necessary