• Strategic Planning

    Strategic Planning

    For any business or organization to be successful they must have a plan.  Strategic Planning is a core part of the services provided by Grace and Associates.  We work diligently with our clients to ensure that their products and services are well aligned with their approach to market, their mission and values, as well as the goals of their leadership or shareholders.
  • Business Development

    Business Development

    Without contracts, there is no business.  Without Business, there is no commerce.  Business and contracts usually start with the process of Business Development.  This takes on many different roles and forms within the industrial base. 
  • Sales Support

    Sales Support

    Capital is the fuel of industry, which is generally generated through sales of products, services or a combination of both. Grace and Associates and our staff work closely with our clients to help them navigate through the confusing wickets of government sales.
  • Strategic Alliances

    Strategic Alliances

    Very few companies can be all things to all people for every situation.  Partnerships and alliances are paramount for success in the world of government and federal contracting - this is also true in most commercial settings.  Each company offers unique skills and capabilities that may provide value to the customer. 
  • Corporate Branding / Marketing

    Corporate Branding / Marketing

    When you cut yourself, you usually ask for a Band-Aid. If you cry, you might ask for a Kleenex. If you make a copy, you make a Xerox. If you ask for a soft drink, you often ask for a Coke.
  • Executive Coaching

    Executive Coaching

    As a general rule, you are only as good as the people that you hire and the value that you bring.  Senior Executives may be exceptional technologists or brilliant thinkers, but that does not mean that they are capable and dynamic speakers, presenters or salesmen.
  • Business Plans

    Business Plans

    One of the most important elements of success of any business entity is a good business plan. This is a living document that defines all aspects of a company provides a road-map for Management and Investors.
  • Transition Assistance

    Transition Assistance

    Many of our customers are government officials who have served their country with pride, and in the process given many years of their lives to public service.
  • Demystifying Acquisition

    Demystifying Acquisition

    Navigating through the world of Federal Acquisition takes more than a compass or a GPS.  It is an exhaustive, confusing and often frustrating process.  However, with the right guidance and expertise provided by Grace and Associates our clients are consistently successful in working through these complicated labyrinths.